Going to Dubai for Yachting? Here Are a Few Tips for Beginners

So you are thinking of doing some yachting in Dubai, not the luxury kind, well maybe a little bit of it, but mostly yacht racing. Well if you are planning to have a little fun, whether you are going on your own yacht or you are going to rent a yacht, it is essential to know a few things to keep your yacht in good shape and your sailing a lot smoother. Here are a few tips you can follow to have a better time yachting! Keep in mind that you should always have a professional with you for your own safety.

1.) Sailing term 

Okay maybe it won’t drastically affect your ability to sail the seas, but knowing sailing terms will allow you to effectively communicate with your crew, other sailors, and communicating via radio to people like the coast guard. Surprisingly enough it helps a whole lot during an emergency.

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  • Aft – The back of the boat. Sometimes known as the stern
  • Bow – The front of the boat.
  • Port – Left had of the boat when facing the Bow.
  • Starboard – Right hand of the boat when facing the Bow.
  • Leeward – the opposite direction of where the wind is blowing.
  • Windward – Self-explanatory, but just in case: the direction the wind is blowing.
  • Boom – the pole extending from the mass in a horizontal position.
  • Mass- the pole that holds the sail.
  • Rudder – That flat board that steers the ship, its material differs for every boat.

2.) Research the Weather and Tides 

This is essential, if you want to be able to truly sail on your own you have to practice this. Knowing the condition of the weather will allow you to have the advantage in sailing, both in racing and in safety of sailing in the sea.

3.) Choose a small boat 

From this point it should be clear that we are talking about sailing yachts and not luxury ones. When you are a beginner, it’s always best to start with something small, because you will be experimenting things in a controlled environment. Once you master this you can graduate onto the bigger ones.

4.) Ask if you practice recovering from capsizing 

When it comes to sailing and especially racing you should know how to handle situations no matter how unlikely it is. If possible practice how to handle and recover from capsizing.

5.) Choose the least crowded waters to practice on

It might be a bit hard to do in Dubai since yachting has become a bit of a popular thing to do there, but if possible find a calm place with the least amount of boats to practice on. Because the only way to truly master something likes sailing (i.e. Yachting) you will need to practice and practice.

Remember to follow basic safety rules and, if you have one, follow everything the instructor says, you’re the beginner, and reading this or any other article or video about sailing will not replace the experience the instructor has on you.