Spring Cleaning: In with the New and Out With the Old

To keep your environment healthy you will need to do some general cleaning at least once a year; this is where I love the practice of spring cleaning, a tradition and informal holiday for the obsessive compulsive. But conventional cleaning materials won’t be enough for this yearly job, to truly be able to clean your surroundings, avoid clutter, and not be tempted to start hoarding something that you think you might need in the future, I suggest renting out a dumpster. This would give you the freedom of putting the final nail in the coffin of your junk, by having the dumpster rental company dispose of it for you and if you have carpets that needs to be cleaned, hire top rated carpet cleaners in Atlanta.

Why Not Put It In Storage?

This is always tempting when it is time to get rid of old books that you no longer read or furniture you stored in your garage, thinking that you could sell it or give it to someone who might need it. But think of it this way, if you really wanted to sell it or give it to someone, you already would have. So save yourself the headache and free up some space and just get rid of it.

I had a problem letting go of my stuff the last time I cleaned out the house, I ended up getting a dumpster from a company called Dumpster Rentals NJ; they handle things professionally and even gave me guidelines when I was getting rid of my stuff. Though their main office is in New Jersey, I was told that they also have a few branches around the country, so don’t be afraid to inquire if there’s a branch near you.


What If My Stuff Would Become Valuable?

We live in the age of mass production, nothing is worth more than its original retail value anymore, in fact, the moment you leave the store, the value of any newly bought item is cut in half more often than not. So unless if it’s a piece of 19th-century furniture, an original first edition, or made out of gold, I highly doubt you have anything valuable there, but if it would make you feel better to hire an expert or Google anything that you might suspect is valuable, I might be wrong.

The Dangers of Becoming a Hoarder and the Health Risks

Not everyone can turn into a hoarder, but just in case you are the type that can turn into one, remember that it starts with a few things and balloons into you buried under the collapsed pile of your junk collection. Not to mention the health risk of having clutter in the house, places for pests and bugs to hide, and depending on what you might start “collecting” bacteria and sicknesses that can grow from it.

Final Words

I am not saying becoming a collector of anything is hoarding, and that it would be unhealthy to do so. All that I am saying is to keep the collection only to what could become valuable, and only to a reasonable amount. The rest of the stuff is junk that belongs in the dumpster, and that it would be healthier for your well-being just to get rid of it.