New Zealand, What to Do Before and During

It is a wonderful thing to experience the world; if you ever have the opportunity you must travel around the world, so many things to see and experience, so many wonderful people to meet and befriend. One place I highly recommend is New Zealand, home of the Kiwi fruit and the Kiwi bird, this land found in Oceana offers many things to experience.

The first thing to do when traveling to New Zealand is to prepare, it is necessary to know more about the place you are visiting before even getting there.

One thing to note is the traffic rules, the country drives on the left side of the road, so if you are from a country that drives on the right side of the road you’ll have to give yourself time to adjust to it. Don’t worry though as most of the time there are markers that tells you which side of the road you should be diving on. There are several traffic signs unique to New Zealand, so research the traffic rules and familiarize the signs.

You should also know what spots you would like to visit. Though I am not much into planning during vacations, it is necessary to do for New Zealand as the spots are spread across the island and is often only accessible through rough terrain. If you have a limited amount of time in New Zealand, be sure to plan out in advance where you would like to go, that way you could enjoy your whole stay to the full extent.

As stated above most of the spots are separated by rough terrain and long distances, so it is important to stock up on supplies. Though most stores have credit card terminals, more often than not debit cards from other countries tend to not work, and because of the remoteness of the areas you will be visiting it is important to always be carrying some cash with you.

Now that you are prepared to visit the country, at least to the bear minimum, it is time to talk about a few things you can do in New Zealand.

Lion Rock Auckland

One thing you can do is just plain road tripping. Whether you planned your whole trip or not, the beauty of the country is not found only at tourist spots, when traveling to your destination you should take in the beauty and make a few pit stops, stretch your legs and explore the countryside. Who know, you might find a well-kept New Zealand secret little to no tourist knows.

Experience the wild life, apart from those cute furry little flightless birds, there is more to see. Since no place in the island is more than 128km from the sea, it is the perfect place to spot Whales and Dolphins. You can even go to Bay of Islands and swim with the dolphins.

Visit the Shire. Lord of the Rings brought to the world the beauty that is New Zealand, and the set that was the shire is now a famous tourist spot. If you have time you should put it in your itinerary.

There are so many things in New Zealand to explore and experience, so many in fact that I can’t list them all in this article. Rather than just reading about it, make some plans for your next holiday and make it about New Zealand.