Benefits Of Community Gardening

It is a well-known fact that being one with nature effectively reduces stress and provides a calm and energizing environment to everyone. Gardening activities do not only give you food at the table, but it also gives your body a good time spent under the sun and have a bit of exercise. Now, what if we combine nature and community together? Then, we will have this thing called Community gardening.

Community gardening is an activity supported by members of the community. The community may decide on whether to plant ornamental flowering plants or grow vegetables and fruits. Each member of the community partakes in the responsibility of caring for the plants and have a share in the harvest. It is a good way to foster community well-being by working on mutual interest among its members.

Even though the community garden may be a small patch of land within the city, it provides its members an opportunity to have something meaningful to contribute to their society. In poverty stricken areas, it can offer a sustainable food source managed by everyone in the community.

Since most of the community gardens are run by volunteers, they seek the help of master gardeners in town to guide them in planning the garden. Pest Control companies are also a good source of advice for treatment of pests, such as rodents and stinging insects that could harm the garden and the people working in there.

There are a lot of benefits of having a community garden. Having one in every village would be great. Imagine, not having to buy herbs because you are growing it with other members of your community.

Here are top benefits of community gardening.

  • It is a light physical activity.

Going outdoors under the sun to tend the garden will give you a good exercise every day. You would not even realize that you are already working out when you pull out weeds or carry things around the garden.

  • You are growing food when you do gardening.

Growing something from the land is fulfilling. Members of the community will also be exposed to naturally-grown food that is healthier than buying processed food.

  • You can teach kids about environmental care and food production.

We believe in leading by example, so kids are welcome to help in the community garden. Atlanta’s electricians can install your garden lights.

  • It can encourage socialization among community members.

It is an excellent opportunity to be with the members of the community to build friendships. In a world of online social media, it will be great to retrace our steps back to face-to-face interactions and deep friendships.

  • It can improve community solidarity and cooperation.

Having a shared goal in the community will help its members to have a common ground, and a means to cooperate to achieve their objectives.

  • It can reduce stress and depression.

Being around nature and friendly people contribute to reducing stress. Sometimes, taking a breather from the stressful activities will help calm you. Spending some time in the community garden may help change your outlook for the better and provide you with a venue to clear your mind.